The Relationship Between Engagement And Influencer Marketing

The Relationship Between Engagement And Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has proved to be an efficient method of marketing. Don’t believe us? Check out these case studies. A lot of brands choose influencer marketing to get a better reach for their product because of its efficiency. Ever wondered what makes influencer marketing extremely effective? Engagement is the magical ingredient that makes this method of marketing more effective. Let’s see what exactly it is and why it is important in influencer marketing

What Is Engagement?

An important parameter for influencer marketing is engagement. It is the amount of response a certain post gathers. It can include likes, comments, impressions, etc. The calculation of it might vary on different social media platforms.

Engagement is very important for an influencer

Why Is Engagement Important?

It is something that helps a brand make a decision about whether they should work with a certain influencer. The idea of marketing is to try and make the product visible and gain as much publicity as possible. It can help determine various things. First, one can gather the responses which will help them understand how many people showed interest in their product or brand. The comments will help to determine whether there is a positive or negative attitude towards the product. At the end of the day an account may have a large number of followers but what difference would it make if most of them don’t see the content posted on that account? Higher the engagement rate, higher the chances of visibility.

Some Popular Metrics To Calculate Engagement Rate:

It can be calculated differently for different social media platforms. On Instagram, first, one should add the post interactions and then divide it by the total reach of the post. However, for post interactions, some methods consider likes and comments alone, while others consider the number of shares as well. While calculating the reach, some methods consider the total number of followers of the account whereas others consider the reach of the post. Lastly, the formula for calculating the rate would be: 

1.Engagement rate of a post:  (Number of interactions on the post/ the reach of the post)x100

2.Engagement rate of an account: Average of engagements of ‘n’ number of posts


If you haven’t already understood, engagement holds an important spot in influencer marketing. It is a prime factor to be considered while selecting an influencer for a campaign. Check out our blog on how to increase engagement on Instagram. Moreover, if you found this article to be helpful, check out our website for more blogs.

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