Feed My City: Kofluence Puts The Social In Social Media

Feed My City: Kofluence Puts The Social In Social Media

The global pandemic Covid-19 brought the entire world to a standstill. Many had to change their lifestyles to adapt because as they always say ‘Life goes on’. This lockdown has been tough for all. However, it has robbed the daily wage earners of their earnings. This period has been exceptionally tough on their families.

The KVN Foundation decided to do something and help the families of those in need. They organized an initiative called Feed My City. This initiative fed the families of the daily wage earners. The cost of each meal box was as low as INR 30. Their aim was to serve 1 lakh meals to the families every day. The money was provided by good samaritans who paid through the donation link or through the PayTm app.

They collaborated with Kofluence to spread awareness about this initiative.

How The Campaign Unfolded?

Kofluence, a tech-based influencer marketing platform was the social media and outreach partner for the Feed My City initiative. Along with the onboarded influencer base, they were able to onboard influential people like Pearl V Puri, Vineet Vincent, Arunoday Singh, etc. It began in only one city and soon expanded to five: Mumbai, Noida, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Kofluence had to ensure that the initiative gained momentum online and across four social media platforms: IG, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They even held a contest ‘Share A Meal’ to generate publicity about Feed My City.

The Outcome

The team was successful in spreading awareness all over India. They worked tirelessly to onboard the influencers and gain the following numbers.

Results for Kofluence X Feed My CIty

Many families in need benefited from this initiative. Overall it was a job well done!

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