Health And Glow Added Extra Flair With Kofluence

Health And Glow Added Extra Flair With Kofluence

Health and Glow is India’s most trusted beauty and wellness brand. They offer a wide range of products for skincare, bath and body, etc. It is the go-to place for all things beauty related. The brand was eager to announce the launch of their four new products- TreeHut, Rich, Hypnoteyes and Semi di lino.

The brand collaborated with Kofluence to help spread the word about their new products.

How The Campaign Unfolded?

Kofluence understood that in order to reach out to the brand’s target audience of women between the ages of 18-35, Instagram was the best social media platform to use. After a thorough screening process beauty influencers were handpicked to spread the word to the masses.

The plan was to capture the attention of the audience through eye-catching content and have an analytical approach to posting and sharing of the #H&G campaign content. The on-boarded influencers were assigned certain products which were then shipped to them. They produced high-quality UGC to highlight the benefits of the products.

The Outcome

Leveraging the reach of the influencers a lot was achieved in a short period of time and the products were successfully launched. The numbers speak for themselves.

This collaboration showcased the benefits of influencer marketing.

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