Kofluence X Heartfulness

Kofluence X Heartfulness

Heartfulness is a meditation centre which has its wings spread all around the globe. Kofluence partnered with the brand to inaugurate their oasis of peace Kanha Shanti Vanam located in Hyderabad.

To declare this beautiful meditation centre open, and to discuss his belief in the importance of meditation for the younger generation, the hit-man of cricket Rohit Sharma was invited.

The Hitman of cricket Rohit Sharma inaugurated the Heartfulness centre in Hyderabad

Kofluence team was given the task of promoting the launch, making people aware of the outlet and spreading the message. 17 influencers were strategically selected for this event. To build up curiosity and anticipation among the viewers, teasers and trailers were shared regarding the inauguration of the Heartfulness outlet.

Kofluence team facilitated the release of #heartfullnesswiththehitman video. Since the selected influencers were from various linguistic backgrounds, gaining maximum reach became possible.

The results achieved at the end of this collaboration speak for the success of the campaign.

The results of Kofluence X Heartfulness

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