Influencer Marketing: India Edition

Influencer Marketing: India Edition

Social media has proved to be a reliable ally in getting the word out. The saying ‘News travels fast’ is not a myth anymore. With the help of social media, any product or brand can be advertised.

Influencer marketing mainly depends on social media in the digital realm

What Is Influencer Marketing?

At a basic level, when stripped of all the fancy terms influencer marketing is mainly social media marketing. Using promotions and endorsements from influencers; individuals who have shaped their careers in delivering quality content about a particular product. Thereby introducing the brand to their followers who might turn out to be the brand’s potential customers. 

Why Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing works for several reasons. It creates a win-win situation for all parties involved. Everyone involved gets to taste a piece of success. Brands win by gaining an enormous reach for their product, influencers generate more followers for themselves when they generate engaging and unique content with their charismatic attitude, and most importantly the audience wins when they walk away with a genuinely good product.

A Basic Platform For Influencer Marketing:

1. Goals And Message:

Always have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. In influencer marketing, implementing habits like defining what one is trying to sell to the audience is extremely crucial. For example, Sony Xperia France wanted to create awareness about its Instagram account. By doing so they promoted their flagship phone Z5’s camera qualities because what other platforms to promote photography than Instagram right? Here the selling point or focus is their Instagram account and not the phone itself. When can one construct ideal definitions for their selling point, the rest is merely adjusting and implementing campaigns or strategies that suit their product. The second thing to keep in mind is to convey the message clearly in a tone that doesn’t offend anyone and yet has a bold message.

2. Budget And Management Strategy:

In influencer marketing, a tight budget outlining a clear-cut expenditure on each campaign, promotion, or influencer is of the utmost importance. An effective strategy to manage this budget so that one stays on track must also be fine-tuned. This strategy can be refined and remodeled as one moves along, but whatever strategies one employs must help to have a smooth relationship with the influencers. However, one is bound to run into some trouble with the odd influencer and they will have to be more hands-on with them. Adopt a flexible plan to make sure both don’t fall out on commitments and deadlines.

A budget must be decided before deciding on the strategy for influencer marketing

3. Relatable Content:

Influencer marketing works most of the time only because of visuals and pictures. The visuals created must resonate with the individuals on a personal level. Find that common point between the product and the target audience to make it more engaging and interesting. Run campaigns that are in line with the current trends. For example, if one wants to advertise a pair of waterproof shoes; they can host a marathon in wet conditions or wet places to show just how effective the shoes are. Again in doing so, keep a close eye on the budget, and if hosting a marathon does not work, a smaller and better alternative would be having a celebrity or a popular face come to inaugurate the product launch.

Influencers are important for influencer marketing

4. Finding The Right Influencers:

Finding influencers in influencer marketing whose line of work aligns with the product idea is crucial. Check whether the influencers chosen are legit. One can do this by scrolling through their feed and clicking on their posts. A poor engagement ratio to follower count might suggest that it is a fraudulent account. Also, check if they’ve worked in the influencer marketing domain before so one can be assured that they have some idea of what they are doing and will not mislead the audience. This might seem like a pretty easy thing to do but from our experience, it can be a very tough part of the campaign execution, and thus there are many influencer marketing platforms out there in India to help with the campaign execution.

Keeping yourself updated with the current social media trends such as hashtags, captions, etc are tools that will come in handy.

Lastly, a thorough analysis of your work is of utmost importance. Statistics and engagement rates from failed strategies or campaigns will only help you better understand your target audience and help your expertise grow in influencer marketing.  If you find this helpful, feel free to check out the blogs on our website.

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