Influencer Marketing Works 2.0:

Influencer Marketing Works 2.0:

Influencer marketing has been the success story behind many great campaigns. It has risen to the occasion on numerous instances where the normal word-of-mouth or good old-fashioned email marketing has failed. In today’s world, social media wields a powerful weapon in terms of information communication. Influencer Marketing efficiently leverages this tool to engage with a certain section of the population called the ‘Target audience’. Without any more fuss, let’s dive into another example which shows just how mind-blowing this is. 

Social media plays a very important role in influencer marketing

Everyone loves Taco Bell, right? Or at least one has heard about it. Well, Taco Bell realized that in India, it had only 17 stores in Urban areas. Most of the population in these areas was identified as Millennials. With exciting campaigns, this was the perfect target audience to drive sales! Taco Bell used social media to introduce a campaign called #Makepotatogreatagain. In this instance, one can say that Taco Bell got lucky in terms of its audience. They didn’t have to spend much time on audience research because the Millennial youth of the 21st century loves Tacos. 

Since their chief ingredient was Potato, it was Taco Bell’s main focus point. Agreed the selling point looks dull. As seen earlier, in Influencer Marketing, each product will have its highlights that one can leverage. Here, Potato was the staple food of India and also their key ingredient which worked for them.

Tanmay Bhatt posted short clips with his spice of humour. Overall the campaign received 24,522,245 impressions and attracted other influencers.

What Worked For Taco Bell:

Target Audience: 

Understanding the target audience is an important aspect in influencer marketing

Target audience plays a significant role in Influencer Marketing. Even though Taco Bell didn’t have to work in knowing their audience, as earlier stated they realized that most of their customers were Millennials. So influencing people who already had an idea about Taco Bell was not the tricky part. The tricky part was to introduce a product like never before so that even their regular customers would feel obligated to step into the store and try out ‘Crispy Potaco’.

Secondary Selling Point:

Taco Bell realized that they couldn’t directly engage with their audience with their main selling point – Driving people to their stores. So they synthesized an indirect method to help this cause. Since most of their dishes consisted of potato, they started a new campaign to highlight the slow death of potatoes in the food industry. What should be noted here is not the campaign itself, but the buzz it managed to create around town. Sometimes, secondary methods prove to be very efficient to make the content or campaign more engaging with the audience.

Popular Face:

At a subconscious level, influencers assures the audience of the product when they see a popular face or a well known public figure whose ideologies or personality they can relate to. Taco Bell got a hold of Tanmay Bhatt who seasoned the campaign with his quirky humour and witty tongue and managed to make mouths drool over ‘Crispy Potaco’.

Concluding Remarks: 

There is no one sure-fire method to achieve success. You adapt a technique or strategy that you feel is best for your product or the audience you are targeting and execute it to perfection with some minor tweaks along the process.

Take the above examples as nothing more than success stories, implement similar strategies and leave the rest to the influencers.

The influencer market is a cold one. So don’t get bogged down after one or two failures. Analyze where you went wrong, try rectifying the errors, implement better strategies and keep influencing. If this blog was helpful check out our other blogs on various related topics. If you need any assistance in influencer marketing, you can always visit our website and contact us.

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