Kofluence Puts the ‘Ko’ In Co-Living- BeeUrban

Kofluence Puts the ‘Ko’ In Co-Living- BeeUrban

Co-living spaces usually function on the principle of 3 C’s: comfort, convenience, and community. BeeUrban follows these principles religiously. The BeeUrban experience is based on basic values of comfort, safety and nurturance and state of the art hostels providing a secured, warm and pleasant living experience.

BeeUrban collaborated with Kofluence to leverage the influencer marketing experience and to highlight their uniqueness.

How The Campaign Unfolded?

Kofluence was entrusted with the task of increasing brand awareness and emphasizing on the safety, welcoming and hygiene factors of this co-living space. The team set to work by on-boarding local influencers to invoke familiarity. The influencers were encouraged to take part in the activities of the society and they were also given a guided tour so that they would be able to promote the amenities of the co-living.

The Outcome

Through informative UGCs, the BeeUrban campaign was able to achieve the following outcome.

Results of Kofluence X BeeUrban

One could even say that Kofluence put the ‘Ko’ in co-living!

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