Popular Social Media Platforms: India

Popular Social Media Platforms: India

Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc are all popular social media platforms

Social media platforms have changed the way people communicate with each other. Entrepreneurs use these platforms not only for connecting with their loved ones across the globe but also for marketing. Moreover, social media has changed the domain of marketing. Therefore, making it much easier for businesses to connect with people and vice versa. Recently a niche category in social media marketing has started dominating the industry; known as Influencer Marketing.

Research by Mediakix data showed that brands are set to spend up to $15 billion on influencer marketing by 2022. The influencers of today help in molding the decisions of the consumers. The categories focused on are fashion, health, travel, etc.

Influencer marketing in India has been on the rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Nowadays, influencers working on social media platforms, first tend to concentrate on building their presence on one platform before moving onto another.


 In India, Facebook has around 241 million active users. As a result, making it the highest among all the other countries. On the other hand, Mumbai has the highest number of users state wise. According to the statistics, 52% of the users mainly use it as a source of news. The influencers on this platform are such; Narendra Modi, whose page is the most popular page on Facebook. Others like Shreya Ghoshal, Sachin Tendulkar, etc are quite prominent on Facebook.


Instagram has users between the age groups of 18-24. Hence making it a platform for young consumers. Brands who wish to capture the attention of a younger audience, this platform is your go-to tool. Instagram influencers are more prominently known compared to the rest of the platforms, barring a few from Tik-Tok.

These influencers are to influencer marketing what Yin is to Yang. However, the challenge is that one must be able to differentiate who is authentic and who is not. A lot of people become influencers by buying fake followers through various apps created just for this. This could be the reason why TikTok is making its way as a tool for influencer marketing. The challenge that marketeers face is that they have to be very careful with who they partner. One can have their pick of influencers in the field that they are looking for. The choice made should resonate well with the brand and is authentic.


Everyone has heard about TikTok. It, out of nowhere, exploded and became one of the most downloaded apps. Their motto was that anyone can become a creator through their smartphones. This quickly attracted a huge section of the young audience as they wanted a new platform where they could freely express themselves.

TikTok made it to the news a couple of times. Concerns of privacy and safety for countless youngsters who were on that app. This led to India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology order that the app is removed from the app store in April 2019. However, this order did not last long.

A lot of micro-influencers are now active on the platform but influencer marketing hasn’t yet become a practice. Brands have realized its potential. Few have already dipped their feet and launched campaigns solely on TikTok. . It should definitely be on ones radar if their target audience is such. The demise of Snapchat and Vine made international headlines and TikTok is supposedly a combination of the two.


Although it is said that influencers found on social platforms have a much closer bond with the audience. We must be very careful who we, the consumers, believe. As the saying goes “Not everything on the internet is true’. If you found this blog to be helpful, visit our website for more.

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