Proof Influencer Marketing Works

Proof Influencer Marketing Works

Most of the myths surrounding Influencer marketing has been debunked in the last decade or so. The Influencer marketing industry is on track to be worth 22 billion dollars in 2022 from 15 billion dollars in 2009. It has connected millions of people all over the world and consistently exposed the audience to better and exciting products. Moreover, influencer marketing is largely successful because it helps create enormous traction around the product. It helps rally the public to the product with the help of efficient influencers. There have been numerous examples where Influencer Marketing has proven to be an effective aid in creating a buzz. Let’s look at a case-study of a brand that employed influencer marketing and a simple breakdown of why their strategy was extremely efficient and successful.

The case in point is the Pepsi emoji Product-line at Walgreens stores.

Strategies used:

crafting the perfect strategy is very important for influencer marketing
  •  Pepsi wanted to increase its sales at the Walgreens stores. Hence they created a campaign, whereby they introduced a new product, exclusively available only in the Walgreens stores; the product being an emoji imprint on the sticker of each bottle.
  • More than 200 emojis were used and this was something that hadn’t been experimented before. So the product is ready, fresh and innovative with a bright air of promise. The product’s idea is ripe and immediately we can say that it targets the Millennials. Essentially what we learned here is; to make an idea successful the product or the content should resonate with the target audience. This is the thumb rule in influencer marketing.Although the product may be something as boring as an insurance policy, but aimed at the right target audience with the help of enthusiastic influencers and appropriate influencer marketing strategies, one can garner substantial traction for their product.
  • Coming back to Pepsi and influencer marketing, help from influential creators was taken to create content that was then distributed among their Millennial-age followers. The content can be of many types namely, lists, articles, blogs, photography, branded videos, etc. one can tailor what they create based on the requirements of the product. Moreover, being creative is the success mantra in influencer marketing. Any successful content has a ray of uniqueness behind it. Not sticking to the general norm has proven to be an excellent catalyst in gaining momentum.
  • Pepsi then analyzed their best performing content and employed 40 more secondary influencers to share this content – again targeting at Millennials. This stage generated another additional 26,000 clicks and thus wrote the script for Pepsi’s domination in the influencer market.

What worked for Pepsi?

  1. Sufficient buzz creation: Believe it or not, 90% of Pepsi’s win can be attributed to this factor alone. What they essentially did is, they got people talking about the product mainly targeting Millennials.
picture of all the social media logos which will help in influencer marketing
  1. Crucial timing: The nature of the timing at which Pepsi introduced this campaign is a touch above class. Schools and colleges end for summer. There is a realization that sales will rise eventually and they leveraged this opportunity perfectly.
  1. World Class Influencers: Influencers are the hub of influencer marketing and even if finding exceptional influencers is a bane, it will only prove to be a boon later. Pepsi hired such influencers who were capable of producing content that immediately caught the public’s eye.
  1. Repeating high performing content: This probably sealed the deal for Pepsi. They analyzed that some content created more inroads for them with the audience and re-posting them only brought in a lot more reach and impressions.

Concluding Remarks:

 “Ideas don’t make you rich. Correct execution of ideas does” by Felix Dennis is probably the best way to emphasize the importance of Execution in Influencer Marketing. Even if Pepsi had butchered one of the above strategies, they couldn’t have received the traction they expected because one technique alone won’t win you the hearts of your audience. 

Hope the above example helped you gain some insights on Influencer Marketing. Even if the above techniques don’t work for you, you can script your own success story by knitting methods around the idea or product you want to sell to your audience.

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