Social Media Contests And Influencer Marketing

Social Media Contests And Influencer Marketing

Share A Meal Contest was a social media contest conducted by Kofluence

Nothing can be compared to the excitement of winning something. Social media contests aren’t the answer to every marketing problem, but it certainly helps in making the brand stand out. Conducting a social media contest is a tedious process. So, why should one spend so much time and energy into one?

Benefits of Social Media Contests:

Generate Genuine Followers:

Ask every contestant to follow/like the brand page. This can be the ‘entry fee’ for every contestant. By doing so the page will gain popularity and an increase in the following base. Hence more people will see the content posted on the page. People don’t like being left out. Having a visible countdown for the contest will create a sense of urgency. Motivating people to sign up quickly.

Rich Source of Data:

Social media contests are a great way to learn more about your audience. A marketeer can ask questions to the contestants; such as how they heard about the contest, whether they knew about the brand before the contest, etc. Such data will help the marketeer in the future to tailor the message and capture the attention of that specific group.

Brand Awareness:

Social media contests are a great way to increase buzz around your page. The contestants market for you. Consequently making this form a great way of advertising. Word of mouth advertising by the contestants will help in increasing brand awareness.

Improves Sales:

Gone are the days when brands kept their distance from the audience. People love to feel included and connected. Hence, post engaging content. Use the attention that your page has gained during the contest to promote your brand. Don’t neglect the other type of social posts. Let them discover your valuable message. Let them understand how the brand is needed in their lives. 

Increases Engagement:

One needs to put out interesting/engaging content for the audience to talk about. Hence, creating a buzz about the content of your page. Resulting in more people knowing the brand. Have a look at the stats; if people are commenting, sharing or liking the posts. If your stats are good, a contest will only help in increasing engagement.

How To Conduct A Social Media Contest:

Now, since the benefits of having a contest has been established. Here is how one should conduct it.

Set Your Goals:

Just like how every objective in an organization has a goal. The contest too should have a goal; i.e what you want to achieve at the end of it. Increase in followers, or trying to get the ‘swipe up’ feature in stories.

Determine Your Contest Type:

Contests can be held for various reasons. To increase the follower count, one can request the participants to follow your page as a form of ‘entry fee’. A photo contest will help in gathering user-generated content for future use. However, if one wants to gather future leads, ask the contestants to write down their email addresses as a way of entry into the contest platform. There are a lot of variations of contest types to choose from it all depends on the audience and the end goal.


The marketeer has to decide how much they can spend on the contest. A great way to keep the followers engaged is to hold contests regularly. To do so, one has to plan out the budget for the entire year.

After one has decided on the budget, how the money will be divided has to be decided. A decision on how much money will be spent on the promotion of the contest and how much will be spent on the prize. 

Keeping in mind that the prize has to be relevant to the audience.

Know The Audience:

Understand who the audience is and where they spend most of their time on social media. This will help in figuring out which platform to hold your contest. Knowing your audience will also help in deciding what variation of contest type should be held; and what prize should be given away.

Test Out Different Platforms:

While holding social media contests, try to test out as many platforms as you can. See which platform brings in the highest response. As a result, focus future contests on that platform. Be sure to adhere to the guideline of each platform while conducting the contest.

Run The Contest:

Following the above steps, one would now be ready to launch its contest. Announce it on the selected platforms. Create some pre buzz before the day of the actual contest. Run ads to create a buzz and promote it on your other platforms.

Announce the prize, set the duration, and display the countdown and keep tabs on the entries pouring in.

Measure The Result:

Once the contest is over and the winner has received his/her prize. It’s time to measure the results. Check which platform performed the best, were you able to reach the objective set, etc. These will help in achieving marketing objectives in the future.


Running social media contests are a great way to increase your audience and keep the existing followers engaged. If you feel that this has been helpful, check out the other blogs and have a look at some of the most exciting contests we conducted on our Instagram page.

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