The Impact Of Social Media During Covid-19

The Impact Of Social Media During Covid-19

Social media has played a huge role during the times of natural disasters

Social Media has changed how people connect with the world. It has revolutionized the way one gets their news. Moreover, it has changed how people learn about and respond to issues. In addition to this, it does have a negative and positive impact during times of distress. In this blog, we will focus on how social media had an impact on people during the global pandemic of Covid-19.

Increase In Social Media Usage:

During the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic in India, market research firm Nielson stated that the social media volume saw an increase of 50X surge in the first week of March. Social media began buzzing with the initial news of the outbreak when the novel virus hit Wuhan. The buzz picked up from 0.4 million in January to 1.6 million in February. Moreover, since everyone has been quarantined and there is limited activity in the outside world, Indians have shifted almost entirely onto the online platform. As a result of which, on March 24, the total volume of Covid-19 related conversation reached a whopping 20.3M. According to Prasun Basu, South Asia Zone President of Nielsen Global Connect- every time PM Modi addressed the nation and made announcements about Covid-19, the social media volume took a noticeable jump.

Fake News Spread On Social Media:

Covid-19 is not the first digital infodemic. However, the degree of media panic, the consequent change in the public reaction have been higher during this pandemic. Health experts need to have an understanding of how information has been perceived by the masses. One has to see how they have responded to it. Moreover, with every bit of news, there has been a mixture of fake news; there have been many forwards as to various causes of the disease, certain remedies, etc. 

Senseless forwards are during this pandemic where the fear of an unknown infection with no definitive vaccine mixed with an anxious mind can prove to be disastrous. Moreover, these fake posts will have tagged credible sources such as the World Health Organization to make it seem more acceptable.

Social Media Helped Spread Awareness:

Social Media has proved to be a vital tool in spreading awareness. Organizations tapping into social media along with the help of influencers and celebrities to help in spreading awareness about the deadly virus has become fairly common. WHO partnered with the latest video platform TikTok to spread awareness. In this partnership, influencers can create their video sharing critical and factual tips about the virus. WHO has been live streaming from their official TikTok page. 

A 25-year-old girl hailing from Ayriyalur district in Tamil Nadu was the first positive case in that area. After her recovery, she took to TikTok to spread awareness and the importance of isolation during this time. Moreover, she talks about how doctors and nurses helped her during her time in the isolation ward. 

Social Media has helped people understand how serious the situation is and appreciate the front runners of this fight. Importantly, it has helped bring to light those who are struggling during this pandemic. KVN foundation organized an initiative to feed the families of the daily wage earners, through social media, and with the help of influencers, they were able to raise awareness and get donations from all over India. As a result, they were able to serve 4.2M meals to the families of those in need.


Social Media has not only helped spread awareness but also helped people. Although, one has to always be careful while forwarding information as not everything is true. Verify the information before passing it on, ensure that it comes from a credible source. Social media has helped us stay connected with our loved ones even during the lockdown. We hope everyone adheres to the guidelines presented by the government. Stay Safe everyone! If you feel this blog has been helpful, visit our blogs page for more. If you would like to know how to get influencers for your brand, contact us.

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