Tips To Get Over A Creative Block

Tips To Get Over A Creative Block

Here are a few way through which one can get over a creative block and get creative

All of us have been through days where we feel a lack of creativity. It feels like there is a block in our head that has cut the flow of our creative juices. This is known as a creative block. For days such as those, the Kofluence team has come up with some tips that can help you get over it:

  1. Get A Change Of Pace
  2. Take A Break
  3. Refer Previous Work
  4. Check Out The Work Of Other Creators
  5. Brainstorming
  6. Take Up Something New

Get A Change Of Pace

Have a deadline to meet but facing a lack of creativity? The first thing one can try to do is get a change of pace. Focusing on a task for too long will be exhausting. Taking a shower or walking down to the park or just taking a nap can help in re-energizing oneself after which they can get back to the task with a fresh mind. Research has stated that surrounding oneself with the color blue will help calm the mind and enhance creativity. If one is multilingual, switching to a language that they don’t regularly speak or listen to helps as well. Listening to music or reading books or even conversing in a different language might lead to some inspiration. It will help shift the current perspective.

Take A Break

An artist can also face a creative block for work that they do for leisure. However, since there isn’t a deadline to be met, they can take a break. If one is unable to come up with a new topic to write about or design new content or paint a new piece, take a break for a while. Stop doing whatever it is and shift to a different task. Redecorate the workspace or catch up with friends and family or just sleep for a while. There is nothing that a good sleep can’t fix. Assign the current task at hand to some other day/time and try to let the mind relax. A relaxed brain can think better and give efficient results.

Refer Previous Work

Feeling at a loss for ideas or inspiration? Referring to one’s own previous works can be a good start. An idea might just be hidden in there; maybe in some old paintings or stories or pictures. One might find ways to enhance the old work or get inspiration from it for a new idea. Check the archives of posts that were not published on social media. One might even remember a certain idea which was thought off before but wasn’t implemented.

Check Out The Work Of Other Creators

Look up the content of other creators or influencers to get an idea of what is trending and what other kinds of creative content are out there. Looking at different kinds of content might help gain a different direction of thought and broaden the spectrum of ideas for creative content. However, make sure not to recreate or re-use other’s content. Try to gain inspiration from the content of other influencers and incorporate it into one’s own content with his/her elements of creativity.


Everyone has a different thought process and works at different paces. One might find it easier to think if they work alone or one can gain inspiration while working in a group. However, if the lone wolf is at a loss of what idea would work, brainstorming with someone who has a different thought process might just help. Talking to someone with a different thought process can help get a different outlook and perspective of things.

A person who works in teams regularly should take a break from brainstorming with a team and try to brainstorm on their own. Sometimes while brainstorming with others, one might go with the flow and skip on some ideas that might have been spoken over or they could lose their train of thought due to the fact that they are surrounded by various people pitching in their own ideas. A brainstorming process alone could help one think clearly and note down ideas that pop up.

Take Up Something New

If you are a writer and at a loss of ideas then try painting or sketching. Charles Bukowski, the famous writer painted more than a thousand paintings using various mediums which are now published. Picking up something that one is comfortable with, one might just be able to gain inspiration from the other art form. The famous oil painting of John William Waterhouse ‘The Lady Of Shalott’ which was inspired by the poem ‘The Lady Of Shalott’ is the perfect example of how one can gain inspiration from another art form.  


We hope these tips will help you overcome the creative block that you are in. Try these tips and feel free to let us know if the ideas worked for you. You could even share this article with someone you know who is going through a creative block. 

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