Kofluence X Würfel Küche

Kofluence X Würfel Küche

Würfel Küche is a brand known for its customized European high-end luxury lifestyle and decor products. It is one of the most premium and the biggest modular kitchen brand with 31 studios across India.

The company wanted to increase brand awareness among the Indian audience for which they partnered with Kofluence to launch the #WürfelKüche campaign.

#WürfelKüche campaign was a launch event that provided a splendid stage for boosting the cognizance of the brand. The event took place in Delhi. To make the event spellbinding Kofluence invited the renowned Marco Pierre White to interact with the audience.

7 food influencers were handpicked to help with the campaign offline and online and to engage the audience with authentic content. With their help, Kofluence was able to provide the #WürfelKüche launch with the right platform via social media. Together, the Kofluence influencers and Würfel Küche were able to gain over 200+ reactions in a single day.

At the end of the campaign, remarkable results were witnessed by Würfel Küche from working with just 7 influencers.

Results of Kofluence X Wurfel Kuche

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